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My Store

Disclaimer:  Some of the links on 4 The Love of My Heart are affiliate links. I do not post links to products that I would not use myself. I may also post links within posts that are affiliate links as well. The little bit of revenue I generate from these links is just one way I am able to maintain the website. I appreciate when you click on a link to help me out, but do not feel you are obligated to do so nor obligated to purchase any item. To read my whole disclaimer, click here.



My Printables and Courses

My printables and courses are all found in the same location at The printables are listed as courses at, but they are only there for you to print out. There are no classes that go with the printable. There may be courses listed that might include Bible study, so be sure to ask me any questions before you purchase if you're unsure of what's in the content. You can reach me at [email protected] or fill in the Have a Question form at the bottom of the page.

Warrior Princess Journal

Teen Journal

A Walk With Jesus Journal (A Printable Only)

Camp Christmas Bundle (A Printable Only)