11 Invaluable Resources for Living a Pure Life: Part 4 of the Purity Series

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Hey there! I’m so excited to be sharing these invaluable resources with you to help you live a pure life as an ending to the series. Now, I haven’t read all of these, but many are on my list. In fact, I have Beth Moore’s book coming to my doorstep any day now.

I have read the magazines and follow Girl Defined.


But, since I haven’t read all of these yet, I’ll just add a preview to it to show you why I chose this for our resource list. Be sure to click on the picture for more information.


I chose True Purity: More Than Just Saying No To You Know What to be on this resource list because it sounds a lot like what I wrote about in the blog series. I like how it has chapters on Love, Community, Self, Mind, and Faith because as I wrote in the series, purity is about the way we live. This covers all areas of our lives.



True Love Project: How the Gospel Defines Purity is about pure relationships. It’s written with teens in mind and the chapters focus on what the Bible says about relationships. It’s intended to answer some tough questions teens often ask when it comes to sex, love, and relationships.



Stormie Omartian is one of my all-time favorite authors. I have read and read over and over again many of her books. This book is authored by her and her daughter-in-law. It’s a book just filled with prayers that young women can use for any area of their lives. Chapters include prayers for rejection, low self-esteem, forgiveness, friends, true love and much more. There are 154 different prayers. This is a great resource to keep around and use often!


I’m currently doing a book study on this book as of this writing, and I am absolutely loving it! I love how it gives me the power to use my prayers fervently to mess up Satan’s plan to destroy me. There are chapters on the most sensitive areas of your life including family, purity, pressures, identity, past, and more.



Another all-time favorite author and Bible study leader of mine is Beth Moore. I plan to do my next online book study on this book. If you’re interested, be watching for more information to come. I believe I’ll start sometime in September. When Godly People Do Ungodly Things: Arming Yourself in the Age of Seduction talks about when we who love God fall prey to Satan’s seduction. Nowadays, we have instant access to all types of seduction, and this book brings that all out into the open to help prepare us for the battle.



Another book by Stormie Omartian. I’m so glad to see she’s written a book made specifically for teens. In this book, she focuses on prayers that affect every teen’s life. Topics like standing up against things you know are wrong, doing what’s right, temptations and so much more. She even includes true stories of teens who have “been there, done that.”




I’m so glad this magazine is back out in public! I love this magazine. It’s current, fresh, and open about topics teen girls face every day. Interviews are with people girls relate to. You get 10 issues each year for a low subscription price. It’s totally worth it! Check it out!




Focus on the Family is a well-known and respected resource for Christians. It’s focus, as the title says, is about the family, so topics are geared toward issues families face day in and day out. You’ll get 12 issues throughout the year.


What do ya’ know?! Another Stormie Omartian prayer book! You just can’t go wrong with the prayers she writes in these books. She uses Scripture in her prayers which make them so powerful! This book has 356 prayers for every day of the year. Topics are divided into five parts from her previously written books:  Power of a Praying Woman, Power of a Praying Wife, Prayer that Changes Everything, Power of a Praying Parent, and Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On.


Today’s Christian Woman is a website with TONS of resources for the Christian woman. It includes resources for faith, healing, single living, ministry, marriage & sex, parenting and more. I think there’s a topic for every type of Christian woman and the issues she faces.



Radical Purity was a conference held this summer in Texas for girls looking to live a pure life. It was hosted by one of my favorite blogging duos from Girldefined.com. They’re young women who just happen to be sisters and who just happen to be on top of the Christian scene for pure living. I love their topics on their website. I’m not promising, but I’m pretty confident they’ll have another conference again soon. Check out their website.


I hope that you’ll find something you want to read in this list of resources. I tried to make it all-age friendly. If you want a recommendation for a resource that isn’t listed here, please post it in the comments below.


Also, be sure to check out my resources here: Freebies.

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