Part 3:  What Defines Me?

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What Defines Me?




In the world we live, images of perfect, beautiful people, especially women, are plastered everywhere we go and look. Magazines sell “the look.” Everyone wants to be like that, to look like that. So, we now have all kinds of businesses that focus on that look. Those images we’re exposed to try to define what people should be like. When you think about it, ask yourself What defines me?


There used to be a day when beauty was natural. Today, there are all kinds of methods and ways to “create” the image defined as beauty. Plastic surgeons are capitalizing on the images we see daily. Girls and women are changing the way God created them to be with plastic surgery. You can have anything done to your liking.  You can even change your gender.


If you fall prey to the images, these are the lies you are believing that defines beauty:

  • skinny body
  • no marks, scars or zits
  • big boobs and big butt
  • long, thick hair
  • and any thing you don’t like is changed with cosmetic procedures
  • you have to look and act like a porn star to get a boyfriend

Check out this YouTube video that shows what society defines as beauty and what girls believe:



The lyrics here are from a favorite Christian band I love, Barlow Girl. They disbanded, but their music and testimony is so beautiful! Check out Becca’s testimony about her struggle with body image here:


Genesis 1: 27 tells us that God created you in His image. If that’s true, then how can you allow others to define you? God already has. He is the One who made you who you are.



He created you for His glory (see Isaiah 43:7, Ephesians 2:10, Colossians 1:16). If you are to glorify Him then how can you justify believing how society defines you? If you decide that you’re not good enough because you don’t fit the “definition” or the “image,” then how does that glorify Him? 


It doesn’t!


It tells God that His creation is not worthy enough to be considered beautiful or what other term society defines. It says you worship society’s view rather than His.



God did not make a mistake when He created you! He created you to be the way you are for a reason. You have a purpose. 


It’s up to you to whom you look for that purpose, society or God?



So, how about it? Comment below on your thoughts about who/what defines you.

P.S. Click on the lyrics image above for the song and video.


This is the end of the series, Who Am I?

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